Welcome to Nisku Farms

NISKU FARMS is a family operated mixed farm located 10 miles North-East of Fillmore, SK Canada and is home to 200 head of purebred and Simmental cross cattle.

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Mission Statement

NISKU FARMS is committed to producing a highly acceptable product guaranteeing that our consumers have a positve eating experience every time all the while producing efficient beef cows that work for you.

Raising Cattle That Will Work For You


Home of the "Original Calf Hood"

Mother nature doesn't always co-operate during calving season and a problem that a lot of ranchers have is trying to find a way to keep a newborn calf's ears from freezing. Roxy found a solution by modifying a hood from an old barn coat. This snug fitting design allows the ears to lie flat along the calf's head so its own body heat along with the hood keep the ears from freezing.

Contact us to order a calf hood - $20 plus shipping.