Nisku Farms has taken the next step in identifying the traits having the most significant impact on consumer confidence, demand and market share. In order to regain market share it is time we realized the beef business is more than hide color.

We started selecting for carcass traits in the mid 90's using ultra sound and actual carcass results; the next natural progression was DNA testing. We at Nisku Farms are not only improving our own genetic product but are wililng to share our experience and genetic product with fellow beef breeders.

In November 2008, Les & Linda partnered with Igenity to DNA test some of their herd. Below you will find the results of this testing and the "Key" to reading the results. This report describes results of the analysis of the sample or samples of biological materials. You will have to click on the respective links for the full story.

This testing was filmed and aired on the Prairie Farm Report.

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Profile Results Key for Beef

The IGENITY Beef Profile uses a single DNA sample from an animal to make a number of genetic tests. The results of these tests enable beef producers to make breeding, selection and management decisions with greater precision and confidence than ever before.

CARCASS QUALITY The IGENITY profile scores for Quality Grade and Marbling reflect an extremely powerful multiple marker analysis that indicates an animal’s potential for AAA Quality Grade or better carcasses.